Free cloud backup solution – costs you nothing and saves you everything

I am recommending Duplicati — a free automated backup solution — If your computer is stolen or your office is flooded, you must have your critical files and data stored at a remote location. This lets you retrieve that information seamlessly, allowing you to return to business as soon as possible.

Duplicati ( is a great answer to those needing or requiring offsite backups of their critical files by using free cloud storage such as Google, Skydrive, Dropbox or Amazon S3. Simply put: it costs you nothing and saves you everything.

Some key points that I like about Duplicati:
  • AES-256 encryption ensures that your data is secure.
  • Scheduled backups.  “Set it and forget it” eliminates the single biggest downfall of do-it-yourself backups, which is: we simply forget to do it. I have seen many “backup solutions” that are flash drives or external hard drives sitting in a desk and haven’t been touched in six months or more.  Could you stand to lose the last six months of business data?
  • Multiple backups means that if you deleted or changed a file and you want the version from last week, you are in luck. Point, click and restore.
  • Select file restore lets you quickly select which file/files you want to restore rather than having to download the whole backup.
  • Incremental backups means the only files that are backed up are ones that are new or changed since the last backup, so it is very fast and easy on the network.
  • Simple interface makes it very easy to setup and get your files backed up right away. Alternatively, you can use the powerful advanced options to tune this great program to your exact needs.
If your backup solution is a dusty hard drive in the closet, then it is time to re-evaluate how you protect your data.  I have no affiliation with Duplicati and do not benefit from their success.  I simply like their work and if you do, too, then please hit the donation button on their front page.
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