IT Audit for Small Business

IT audit for small and medium sized businesses

The IT audit is usually in two parts. The first meeting is on-site; we will discuss your current systems and make an inventory including:

  • computers and laptops
  • servers
  • telephones
  • printers
  • point of sale
  • software
  • full network (WAN/LAN)
  • security
  • data backups, local and offsite
  • online presence – web, social and SEO

I then ask some questions about what is working and what is not and where you would like to see improvement in your technology. I identify risks such as incomplete backups systems, online security and password solutions. Next we discuss a disaster recovery plan (DRP). A DRP is important; in the event you are separated from your data because of flood, fire or theft how quickly could you be up and running again? Where is your data and can you get to it quickly?

After the on-site visit of the IT audit, I will prepare a report that outlines your IT footprint and will include my prioritized recommendations to bring your business up to speed. Once you receive the report (usually by e-mail),we meet a second time to discuss its contents and my recommendations.

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