Snaz.Com Information Technology Videos

Here are you will find some YouTube videos that we have created that demonstrate a few simple network tools you can run on your computer that might help you to diagnose a bad network.

The PING command is a simple tool that can be used to diagnose a bad network connection.  If you are not sure why your webpages are taking a long time to load or why your email application keeps throwing errors, you might suspect the network.  The PING command will help to identify a bad network quickly.


The TRACERT or TRACEROUTE tool is very similar to the PING tool but rather than just a reply from the target server we will get responses, usually, from each router, server or network device along the way.  By looking at the time in milliseconds and analyzing the route of the packets we can determine where on our local LAN networks or the public Internet where and what device is causing possible network problems.

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